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"Dawson, a graduate of Boston University who is the only member of the cast making her SpeakEasy debut, holds her own with the veterans. The actress conveys Emma’s enjoyment in the machinations she sets in motion but also a sense of the youthful confusion and self-defeating impulses that suggest Emma is not as in control as she would like to believe."

- Boston Globe (Don Aucoin)

"Ally Dawson as Emma gives a confident and believable performance...Ms. Dawson manages to portray this disaffection without alienating the audience."

-Edge Media Network (Clinton Campbell)

" Ally Dawson, as Emma, brings a self-conscious humanity to the character’s instability.  Emma, unlike the others, has no real stake in what’s around her – she’s just passing through. Dawson manages to play her with heart and a little bit of sorrow for what she knows she’s doing."

-The Theatre Mirror (Michele Markarian)

"Played by the very talented Ally Dawson... Ms Dawson handles this very complex character perfectly. It is an emotional roller coaster watching her, and I have to say I felt drained by her actions. However, it made me feel good in the sense that I was forced to look more deeply into someone whom it would have been very easy to write off as superficial and self absorbed."

-Boxing over Broadway (Bobby Franklin)


"Christa Brown, Ally Dawson, and Becca Lewis deliver enlightening performances. They are vulnerable, angry, beautiful, pathetic, and just....Ally Dawson proudly stands her ground for any woman, any person refusing to sacrifice her humanity in exchnage for workplace perks." 

-New England Theatre Geek (Kitty Drexel)


"While Dawson brought both strength and innocence to hers. Her Playful fight with younger brother...were entertainingly realistic."

-Onstage Boston Critic (Angelica Potter)


"Ally Dawson exudes aura and authority as the title character, a stand-in for the sustainer/protector who describes her earthly role as to "just keep things spinning."

-WBUR (Carolyn Clay)

"Few performers this year faced an acting challenge as unusual as the one confronted by 21-year-old Ally Dawson in Company One Theatre's "The Chronicles of Kalki". Dawson, a student at Boston University, was utterly convincing as a tough young woman who materializes out of nowhere to help two teenage outcasts learn to cope with "the high school hate machine." But she was also equally persuasive as the forbidding Hindu deity who has assumed that human form and who occassionally flashed her powers."

Boston Globe (Don Aucoin)

"This is Dawson's first role with Company One, and she's great in it....Dawson plays that tension well as she swaggers and menaces around the stage, bellowing in her low, powerful voice." 

-Talkin Broadway  (Sarah Chantal Parro)

"Ally Dawson as Kalki is an irresistible force who never encounters an object that she finds immovable."

-White Rhino Report (Dr. Al Chase)